Auto-correction done right - Hilarious!

Have you ever typed too fast and auto correction decided to fill in it's own words? Here are some Hilarious auto corrections.

1) My cunt is humming

    2) Just finished masturbating

      3) Grandma is homosexual

        4) Drinking a cock and jizz exploded all over my face

          5) Made it to six fags with the dearth vibrator mask

            6) Draw with a Penis

              7) Duck!

                8) Anus!

                  9) Thinking Genital

                    10) Bitchgobblet potatoes tonight?

                      11) Going to get some penis and watch in treatment

                        12) horny id eat a dong right now

                          13) how big is your hooker

                            14) my penis is stuck

                              15) Deep penis

                                16) Parents are homeless

                                  17) What up doodie

                                    18) Watching Game of throbs with mon

                                      19) Its my bet whale

                                        20) Im Auctioning kids!

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